Property management

At Cherrymont Property, our structured Property Management Department consists of 8 Portfolio Management,  a Property Management assistant and a Business Development Coordinator.


Portfolios are divided between all Property Managers in accordance with personality and Management style and each manager has an intimate knowledge of the area and properties they manage.


When listing your rental property with Cherrymont Property, you are allocated a dedicated Portfolio Manager who will provide total management of your property from day one.


As a landlord this provides you with many advantages:

Structured job tasks

Whilst your property is available for lease you will be contacted weekly by our dedicated leasing consultant.


Accurate Valuation and Marketing

Our extensive knowledge of the area and rental market condition enables us to give accurate information on your properties rental worth and Marketing strategies.


Personalized  Property Management

Once let, your Portfolio Manager is solely responsible for the management of your property (i.e. Maintenance reporting, periodic Inspections, rental arrears, council rates, etc.). They can be contacted at the office, on mobile or via email.


Effective Follow Through

Your Portfolio Manager knows the property, and will apply this.


Our close- knit team strives to provide you with the most thorough, professional management of your rental property.


To talk about the numbers on your property, call Cherrymont Property on 0415551311 or fill out the form for a free property appraisal